To balance work life and personal needs

Understanding, visibility and support to the Company

The brand "Factory" comes from the ability to understand, give visibility and support to the needs of other Companies who wants to unit business with the society providing high quality services for their employees. Providing services for infants which represent the open image of the Company to the needs of the social context where they operate and, most directly, a form of paying attention to the needs of the employees and their children, contributing to the achievement of important objectives such as:

  • To contribute to improving the quality of life of the employees, even through the reduction of time to dedicate to look for and to the accompaniment of children to nursery schools;
  • To encourage returning workers from maternity as early as possible and with serenity
  • To promote well-being and tranquility of working parents with a positive relapse in the working atmosphere
  • To retain human resources "holding" workers who have family responsibilities;
  • To foster, through support on familiar organization, possibility of development and career of working women and giving value to every professional contribution of them to the life of the Company, through a policy of promoting equal opportunities.




Flexibility, personalization, creativity and innovation

Flexibility and Personalization
The Factory educative Services are projected with a strong personalization depending on the needs of the clients; even the identity of the site chosen for the creation of the Companies' services supports this principle by planning it internally or in the vicinity of the Company.
The physical proximity to the workplace and the belonging to the Company, generates a huge involvement and participation of the families
Pedagogical management and constant supervision are guaranteed also through direct visibility and daily communication with client.
This creates a strong synergy of projects and intents among those who manage the services and the client Company, to continuously construct a communication style to create events and projects that give more visibility to the children activity connected them to the work of the parents and with the value of the Company itself.

In the Factory Services great importance is given to the Atelier and to expressive activities, a choice which help the development of creativity and the many forms of intelligence that belong to all children, as expressed by the pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi: the hundred languages of children.
In the staff there is a 'atelierista, another professional figure in addition to the teaching staff, with artistic training, who brings own competences in expressive techniques, art and contemporaniety, enriching the possibilities of discovery and children's learning.
The atelierista supports researches, creativity and the curiosity of the children in the Atelier, where they experiment materials and instruments that support different expressive and symbolic languages.

Innovative Technology and Multimedia
The innovation of the Factory Services is also given by the presence of technological and multimedia instruments which are used by the children according to their ability. The computer is available daily for research and creative use; other instruments (video projector, tablets, light table, interactive table) create a context for digital learning which increase the possibility of exploration and learning for children, following the more innovative research about the relationship between technology, didactic and learning.